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Hey all, sorry about the sudden disappearance. I recently acquired a different job, and it's been running me ragged. Hopefully things will slow down soonish, but 'til then, i'm going to be hella slow.

Thanks for understanding, and again, i offer my apologies.

Jul. 16th, 2007

Now, while i am given to underrstand that infestations of the wee sort of fair folk are fairly common, i don't believe that of the spirts they steal that absinthe is among them.

This begs the question: where the bloody hell has my absinthe gone.
Well, i never knew that summers drug on like this for civilians. Is it normal for it to feel like it's going on forever?

It's been mentioned a couple times before, but i've not heard anything confirmed.. So once again i'd like to bring up the possibility of heading out to a beach. With people. And perhaps drinks of a certain nature.. It could be fun, and there could be volleyball, or cricket, or whatever.

Should anyone be interested, drop me a line, and i'll get back soonest. Seems i'm getting a call for some business out of town.

Half a world away

Just thought I'd mention that I'll be out of town 'til next week. It's long past time to get back home for a spell. Visit some people, pick up my last pay cheque from the theatre and so on.

Should anyone be wanting me to take something back home for them, let me know. Gift request are also fair game.

I suppose that's all.

I am downright amazed...

At this university's hiring practices. Among other things. such as how when you kill a person they come back sometimes. really, that has to be cheating or sommat. Makes me rather glad that i've been holed up with midterms and the like. Though the validity of these "multiple choice" exams is rather suspect.

In other news, Elena's been out on business of late, and it's been far too quiet, so i'm of a mind that something of a house party is in need of happening. Anyone up for such a venture? I hear celebrations after exams are something that should be "looked forward to as part of a full college experience", and really pamphlettes,much like cereal boxes, do not lie.

In any case, should people be interested, drop me a line.

Edit: It would seem that in my mad dash to test and finish essays, that i rather missed my own natal day. So, to such an end, the party this weekend will be in part to celebrate the fact that i have managed to make it to the age of twenty.

Feb. 22nd, 2007

It's a curious thing that so many people have reacted with utter revulsion to this, ah, incursion? hell, that sort of almost works Regardless, after classes today, I did my part and shooed a decent contingent off to a shelter.

One would really think that people would realise that kicking people out of sanitariums is a poor idea, by this point. But then again, what do I know?

On a less pessimistic bent, Edgar, you were rather right about the gala. It was a decent enough time.

Should anyone care to drop by this evening, I've a kettle going and some scones that are in dire need of consumptiom.
This makes two posts in one day. My but the excess of typing is mighty. Both here and elsewhere it would seem.

Regardless, Samus and I are going to be meeting up at Eddie Piper's, and I'd like to extend an invitation to any who'd come. Hell, I'll even buy a round or three, if that sweetens the deal. So, to such an end, I'm off.

Good fight, and good night

Call on me

Well, as it would seem that I've slept through my classes today rather underestimated the efficacy of the painkillers, I've a bit more time to my own devices than I had originally planned for. So, to such an end, I'm passing curious as to whether there's anyone who would be up for an outing? Going to grab coffee beer or some such. Alcohol being similar to coffee in many ways, most of them having to deal with liquid qualities and the colour brown.

Should anyone be up for such a thing, please leave note, or ping me on the messenger thing. and it does rather make a ping noise when messages crop up

((Why yes, this is an open call for RP! let me know if you're interested! I will be about with varying frequency throughout the day. ^^ Thanks in advance.))
Well, this is rather unexpected. I do believe this calls for more tea.

And something of a question to those who may know, who do I have to stab shank to get a permanent place to stay?

Feb. 7th, 2007

Well, this place would seem to be a switch up from the norm. Hopefully it will wind up being something of a welcome one.

Suppose I ought do the dutiful student thing and pester the professors. Seeing as I'm coming into the semester late and all that.


Won't wait
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