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Boundaries of language

There is no poetry in the military

Celes Chere
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Name: Celes Chere
Age: 19
Date of Birth: March 10th
~PHYS 101: Swords
~English 105: World Literature
~History 101: The Effects Of War
~Art 130: Music - Vocals
Sexual orientaion: Sexual
Height: Five foot six.
Weight: 140 lbs.
Blood Type: B-
Hair color: White blonde
Eye color: Turquoise.
Weapon: Well loved long sword, fuzzy slipper.
Limit break(or overdrive): Unknown.

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In depth

Physical appearance: Celes stands at the tall end of short, or the short end of tall, depending on how one views it. And as far as physique goes, she's all curves and corded muscle. Her waist length blonde hair is a jumble of waves and never really stays where she puts it. Her bangs look as tho' they've been hacked into place with a hedge trimmer. Peering at the world through brilliant turqoise eyes, she has an air of relaxed command. This she attributes to having good posture more than anything else. About campus she'll be found wearing the gamut of styles and colours, tho' rumour has it she cleans up well.

Character's Personality: Celes may best be described as a recovering stoic. While she has a wicked sense of humour, it's very dry and often doesn't come to the fore due to years of conditioning in the military. At this point in time, she's much more open to new sights and experiences than she has ever been. The civilian world is big, exciting and on some levels scary, and it shows in her actions. Her interests include such things as swords, ball room dancing, opera, theatre, painting, rock climbing, history, snow and mythology.

While a bit standoffish at first, Celes is quick to warm up to those who take the time to make contact the first few times. And once warming up has occurred, she's hideously loyal and certainly someone to have at one's back when things go down. She's slowly learning how to not be bothered when others don't seem to hold in honor, both personal and otherwise, in the same esteem as she does. It does help that she's become fast friends with a thief.

Of a certainty, Celes is more comfortable taking charge of a given situation. It's one of a few personal skills that she has solid confidence in. The others being sword play and her ability to make the most awesome omelet known to mankind.

Almost regardless of the amount of sleep she has the evening previous, she will be up within an hour of dawn. Morning is her time to be. This may or may not involve things being thrown in her general direction.

She cannot abide either liars or the post-modern movement.

Character Background: The military has made up the vast majority of Celes' life up to the current day. In the beginning it was simply spending time in the magitek laboratory, getting underfoot of assistants. Though Cid coming into the room set her on her best behavior almost immediately.

Around the age of ten, she began her combat training. Slow at first, but passing the examinations with some rapidity after she fell into a certain groove. Within a few years, she entered into the rank and file of the military, rising to the rank of general by the age of seventeen.

At nineteen, the world shifted as the Empire she'd lived her life to protect and uphold betrayed both her and its people. This betrayal is something that still sits heavy upon her to this day. But with this came the opportunity to be swept along in the grand adventure to set the world to rights. Which, after a bit of prodding, she took to rather well. Everything that followed went by in a world wind of doing and living that culminated in the eventual downfall of both the Emperor and Kefka.

What is the sexuality of your character and why?: Having been around men most of her life, she's more comfortable with them in almost any social setting, which would include romantic relationships. Though, by the same coin, she does have a certain appreciation for the female form, though this outs itself less frequently.

Hobbies: She's desperate to see if the school has a fencing club, and is considering the lacrosse team. A voracious reader, and a singer in the shower.

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Neo-Aristotelian Doodley-Doo

Food: Indian or Thai
Color: Pink, but she'll tell you it's grey if asked.
Car: Her own two feet.
Music Artist: Operatika, Apocalytica, Less Than Jake and Mediæval Bæbes
Show: Nova
Movie: The Princess Bride and The Fifth Element.